Status Certificate Request Form


Our Regular Business Hours are: Monday to Thursday 9-4, Friday 9-1, 519-767-2060, ext. 221

Payment Instructions    

  1. The fee for a Status Certificate is $100.00, or $150.00 for a Rush order
  2. $100.00 Status CertificateAs per the Condominium Act, 1998 we have 10 days to produce the status certificate upon receipt of payment.  This form constitutes a request for a status certificate only. The 10 day period starts when payment is received, not when the request is submitted.
    $150.00 RUSH Status Certificate
    - which you will receive within business days of receiving payment.  The 2 business day period starts when payment is received, but is processed during our business hours only. To order a status certificate with a rush delivery please click the "Rush Request" box below.
  3. A status certificate will not be released until payment is provided.                                                                                                                                                    
  4. HOW TO MAKE PAYMENT - Complete the Request Form below, click 'Submit' -   you will immediately receive an email advising you that we have received your request.  (Please be sure to check your spam or junk folders as the email will sometimes go there).    You must open this email & CLICK "CONFIRM".   (If you have not received this email, please call our office)
     To pay by CASH or CHEQUEclick 'confirm', and then, close the email to pay manually  (see #5 below).  
    pay by CREDIT CARD  -  click 'confirm', and then, the email takes you to PayPal to process - YOU DO NOT NEED A PayPal ACCOUNT - choose the amount of $100 or $150, and then, choose a payment method - you may pay with a PayPal Account, OR Checkout as a GUEST  to Pay by CREDIT CARD (see #6 & 7 below) .  
  5. CASH or CHEQUE PAYMENTS -  can be made in person at our office. 
    Cheques are to be made payable to Inspirah Property Management.  Cheque payments may also be mailed, however the 10 day period to provide the status certificate starts when we receive the payment in the mail not when it was mailed. (ADDRESS:  Unit 6A - 449 Laird Road, Guelph ON, N1G 4W1. HOURS: Mon.-Thurs. 9-4, Fri. 9-1).  (see #4 above).
  6. ON-LINE PAYMENTS by CREDIT CARD -  (see #4 above)you DO NOT need to set up a PayPal account - it is only processed through PayPal. Choose the pay by credit card link, it will bring you to a PayPal page. As a GUEST, enter your email & credit card information. There will be a convenience fee charged by PayPal to process this type of payment, in addition to the cost of the status certificate. We cannot process debit or credit payments in person at our office.
  7. ON-LINE PAYMENTS by 'PAYPAL ACCOUNT' -  (see #4 above) - There will be a convenience fee charged by PayPal for this type of payment in addition to the cost of the status certificate. (There is a 3 day holding period before a 'Paypal Account' payment is processed. The 10 day period to provide the status certificate starts when payment is received, not when the request is submitted.

How to Receive the Status Certificate

 Once payment has been received and once we have completed the status certificate, you will receive an email.  
  (Please check both your INBOX & your JUNK folders).
  Click   "Download Certificate". 
  Then,  click on 2 LINKS....
          - One is the link to download the....... STATUS CERTIFICATE 
          - The other is the link to download.......... STATUS CERTIFICATE for the property address.pdf                                                                 

The 'Status Certificate Package' contains all of the status certificate attachments as well as a new owner package.

How to Complete this Form

  1. All boxes must be completed in order for the request to submit.

  2. When you have successfully submitted the status certificate request, almost immediately you will receive an email advising you that we have received your status certificate request.  YOU MUST RESPOND TO THIS EMAIL BY CLICKING "CONFIRM" and continuing to the payment options. For us to proceed further we must then receive your payment. Payment instructions are above.

Please know that as the requester of the status certificate,  it is your responsibility  to advise us of ANY CHANGES to the CLOSING DATE and PURCHASER'S NAME.   The information on this form will be used to set up the billing of condominium fee payments.   PLEASE CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY IF ANY INFORMATION YOU SUPPLY ON THIS REQUEST SHOULD CHANGE.

Person Requesting -

Property Information -

Closing Details - (If you do not know the firm closing date - enter January 1, 2001)

Purchaser Information -  
  1. If you DO NOT HAVE a purchaser yet, because you are preparing in anticipation of a sale - 
               enter "Ordering In Advance"in the Purchaser's name as well as the Solicitor's name. 

  2. If you DO NOT HAVE a purchaser because you are doing a mortgage re-financing - 
               enter "Re-finance" in the Purchaser's name as well as in the Solicitor's name.

  3. If you HAVE A PURCHASER, but you do not know the name of the purchaser or solicitor - enter "Unknown".  Please do not make up a fictitious name. If there are two purchasers - enter only one name.

Purchaser's Solicitor

Current Owner or Seller Information - 

Current Owner or Seller's Solicitor